IOFI and IFRA (The International Fragrance Association), together with their members, have developed the IFRA-IOFI Sustainability Charter as a collective effort to raise the bar for sustainability in the flavor and fragrance industry.

The Charter builds on the proud heritage and on the long-standing commitment to sustainable development across its many dimensions that has been shown by the sector. The Charter is structured around 5 focus areas:

  1. Ensure responsible sourcing throughout the value chain;
  2. Reduce our industry's environmental footprint and address climate change;
  3. Enhance the well-being of employees and ensure a rewarding labor environment;
  4. Be at the leading edge of product safety;
  5. Be transparent and a reliable partner for society.

This voluntary framework shows a sense of responsibility and a commitment to making the difference. The Charter is open, inclusive and comprehensive, and giving the opportunity and tools for the industry to contribute to a brighter and more sustainable future.

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