Who We are

Founded in 1969, the International Organization of the Flavor Industry (IOFI) is the global association representing the industry that creates, produces and sells flavorings worldwide. With 18 regional and national associations and 11 major global companies as members, a management staff of scientific and regulatory experts located in Brussels and Washington D.C. and a network of top-notch industry volunteers, IOFI interacts with stakeholders around the world.

The flavoring business is especially innovative placing a significant investment in product development. Consumers around the world appreciate the benefits of flavorings when they enjoy foods and beverages every day.

Uniquely positioned to represent the industry in the global arena, IOFI has the interests of members, customers and consumers in mind as it supports the safety and proper use of flavorings and helps members identify and address global challenges.

With a history of nearly 50 years, IOFI will continue to play an active role in the future as the voice of the global flavoring industry and work to ensure the international trade of products that add great value to the food and beverages consumed around the world.