Core Values


IOFI has a robust science program that supports the safe use of the industry’s products. The organization deploys expertise to support flavoring safety for customers and consumers.
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IOFI interacts with stakeholders from around the world to represent and support the flavor industry. Our successful advocacy is based on communication of up-to-date scientific data to support the safety of the industry’s materials for our customers and consumers.
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IOFI works with its members to share the benefits of the vibrant and responsible flavor industry with stakeholders around the world.
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IOFI recognizes the impact of resource efficiency, biodiversity protection, circular economy, human health and environmental issues. All are prerequisites for any responsible and sustainable business.
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IOFI membership includes large multi-national companies whose operations span the globe along with smaller and medium-sized businesses that are a part of the global flavoring family through membership in IOFI’s national and regional associations. Many IOFI members large and small have roots that go back hundreds of years.
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