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    IOFI Co-Hosts Flavoring Safety Workshop in China

    Oct 16, 2018
    On October 10, 2018, IOFI co-sponsored the Workshop on Flavoring Safety with International Life Sciences Institute (ILSI) China and local member association CAFFCI in Beijing, China.
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  • Att 02 Howard Smith

    We work together

    Through IOFI, we harness industry resources to support the organization’s strategic mission. We work together diligently to ensure safe products for our customers and consumers. Taken together, our efforts pave the way for innovation and provide a smooth road for the global trade of flavorings.
    Howard Smith, IOFI Board Member
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    A reliable resource

    IOFI works hard to be a reliable resource in support of flavoring safety evaluations worldwide. IOFI provides well-conducted, thorough scientific studies to regulatory bodies globally.
    Dr. Sean Taylor, IOFI Scientific Director

    A deep understanding of regulations all over the world

    IOFI has a deep understanding of regulations all over the world that affect flavorings and is an official observer at the FAO/WHO Codex Alimentarius Commission. IOFI facilitates a harmonized approach to flavoring regulations that supports a global industry.
    Dr. Thierry Cachet, IOFI Regulatory and Advocacy Director
  • Bowman

    A great platform for idea sharing

    IOFI provides a great platform for idea sharing. It's extremely useful to be at the table with others in the industry to gain insights on developments around the globe.
    Jerry Bowman, FEMA Executive Director
  • Global Reference List

    The IOFI Global Reference List (GRL) is a compendium of flavoring materials that are considered to be safe for their intended use by one or more internationally recognized assessment bodies. The GRL follows the definitions of materials appropriate for the formulation of flavorings in the IOFI Code of Practice.
    The IOFI secretariat has prepared the GRL with the intention to be complete and up-to-date with the available safety information. IOFI cannot be held liable for errors or omissions in this document. Neither IOFI or any individual member or officer can be held liable for any loss or damage as a result of relying on the IOFI GRL.

    Please report any potential errors and forward suggested corrections to the IOFI secretariat.

    By using the IOFI GRL, you will be deemed to understand and accept the conditions of this disclaimer.
  • Code of Practice

    The IOFI Code of Practice is a comprehensive document that demonstrates the commitment of IOFI and its members to produce flavor ingredients that are safe for their intended use. The Code of Practice is acknowledged by all member associations and their member companies. Available to all stakeholders, the Code of Practice includes guidelines for the manufacture, handling and use of materials for flavor applications.