Welcome to the International Organization of the Flavor Industry.

Comprised of national and regional flavor associations along with global flavor companies, IOFI invests in

sound science to support the safety of flavoring ingredients. We share our confidence in our materials with

regulatory bodies worldwide through the advocacy efforts of our members.





In this IOFI Insight


In this issue… 

• President’s Letter from Howard Smith, Jr. 

• 55th General Assembly Update 

• Meet the New ISB Members

• IOFI GHS Team in Argentina 

• New Members Join the RAAC

•IOFI Regional News

• Retrospective: Christiane Jarke 

• Sustainability Initiative 

• Secretariat News 

And more… 




IOFI Insight #29



IOFI Code of Practice


The IOFI Code of Practice is a comprehensive document that demonstrates the commitment of IOFI and its members to produce flavor ingredients that are safe for their intended use.

The Code of Practice is a condition of IOFI Membership, and is acknowledged by all member associations and their member companies.

Available to all stakeholders, the Code of Practice includes guidelines for the manufacture, handling and use of materials for flavor applications.


IOFI Language Disclaimer


English version: Code of Practice

Spanish version: Código de Prácticas