Jean Mane Named IOFI President

Oct 17, 2018
Beijing, China – October 11, 2018 – The International Organization of the Flavor Industry (IOFI) elected Jean Mane its new president at the organization’s October 2018 General Assembly meeting in Beijing. He succeeds Howard Smith of Virginia Dare who was the US delegate from the Flavor and Extract Manufacturers Association.

Mane is the CEO of multi-national flavor and fragrance company V MANE FILS, founded in 1871 by Mane’s great-grandfather and headquartered in Le Bar-sur-Loup, France. A synthetic organic chemist by training, Mane has served as president of both EFFA and the French flavor association SNIAA and has been a member of the IOFI Board for many years.

Jean Mane becomes the second member association delegate to head up the IOFI Board, he assumes the Presidency as the representative for the European Flavor Association (EFFA). As president, Mane is responsible for guiding the ten-person Board in strategy development and implementation of the global association’s initiatives in science, advocacy, communication and sustainability, working closely with the association’s Executive Director Sven Ballschmiede.

The goal of the association, which is dedicated to the global trade of safe flavoring materials, is especially relevant today, notes Mane: “What we see happening around the world is that years of patient negotiations towards a global approach to international commerce are suddenly surrendering to a mounting tide of national protectionism.” He adds, “My key priority will be to maintain and eventually extend a global approach to the safety evaluation and regulation of flavorings.”

In 2019, IOFI will celebrate its 50th anniversary. Mane is enthusiastic: “I am lucky and proud that IOFI will celebrate its 50th anniversary in the middle of my term as president of the Association. It will show the resilience and sustainability of our industry and its continued growth.” Looking ahead, he sees a bright future. “The flavor industry is resolutely innovative, and will remain sustainable by continued innovation to deliver flavorings that confer unique characteristics to food and beverages.”

Mane, who has long contributed to industry association technical committees, sees strength in the IOFI structure. “IOFI represents a very large proportion of all flavor manufacturers, with a rather lean structure, while tapping into the competences of hundreds of volunteers from the industry who participate directly or indirectly on its active expert committees.”

Founded in 1969, the International Organization of the Flavor Industry (IOFI) is the global association representing the industry that creates, produces and sells flavorings worldwide. With 16 regional and national associations and 10 major global companies as members, a management staff of scientific and regulatory experts located in Brussels and Washington D.C. and a network of top-notch industry volunteers, IOFI interacts with stakeholders around the world.