IOFI Membership coming together to help communities and ensure an uninterrupted food supply during the COVID-19 outbreak

May 28, 2020
The novel coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic is changing the world as we know it. It has put an incredible pressure on everyone, with people’s health and wellbeing at the forefront of this crisis.

As a crucial sector of the global food chain, the flavor industry has made it possible for consumers to have uninterrupted access to food throughout this pandemic. Whilst spending more time at home, consumers are still seeking convenient food products that are both nutritious and delicious. In response, IOFI members have been ramping up their production of most popular flavors, to ensure we can all enjoy our favorite food now that we most need comfort.

The past weeks have demonstrated: only together can we succeed in overcoming this crisis. At IOFI, we believe our global membership is well prepared. Safeguarding the well-being of essential workers across the entire value chain and supplying our customers in the best possible way are the utmost priority for us.

To get through this unprecedented health crisis, the flavor industry has undertaken a wide range of measures and initiatives to support communities in need, whilst ensuring safety of their employees and the security of the global food supply, often pivoting their business models to adapt to the new reality.

As many of us work from home, the flavor facility employees show up every day to ensure continuity in the essential global food supply chain. To protect their employees in these challenging conditions, our members have been consistently applying good practice on social distancing, providing protective equipment, and encouraging remote working wherever possible.

Disinfectants are key in the fight against COVID-19. They are vital to stopping the spread of infection in hospitals, homes, and public places such as grocery stores. To meet the increased global demand for hand sanitizers, IOFI members have been converting their flavor facilities to supply these essential products where they are most needed. Tons of disinfectants are produced globally every week in our members’ facilities, which are donated to hospitals, authorities, and local hot spots. -

In a time where regular business processes cannot come to our rescue, the human to human approach is what brings most value. To support communities most affected by the outbreak, our members have devoted both time and money to help most affected communities: food banks, healthcare workers and various organizations including the WHO and other regional organizations involved in the ongoing crisis. -

These examples are just few of the many across the globe, where our members continue to put aside normal business to business processes to help combat the corona virus outbreak. This is because we understand that at the forefront of Covid-19 pandemic are our customers working tirelessly to provide end-users with the steady supply of food and disinfectants required to combat the corona virus. Keeping essential ingredients in production is the best way that the flavor industry can help safeguarding access to quality nutrition to consumers in every corner of the world.