IOFI has released the fifth revision of its Code of Practice

May 12, 2020
IOFI is pleased to announce that a further revision of its Code of Practice has now been published. This 5th amendment of the Code follows an extensive revision process with the goal of incorporating latest industry developments into a comprehensive set of best practices.

Indeed, the IOFI Code of Practice serves as a key resource to IOFI’s members. By acknowledging it, they demonstrate our industry’s commitment to produce safe flavorings for their intended use in alignment with the Codex Guidelines for the Use of Flavourings (CAC/GL 66-2008).

It is a living document, which undergoes constant revision, to stay abreast of the fast-evolving regulatory landscape.

With its release, IOFI aims to further support our membership in striving to follow the best market practice and to ensure global trade of products that meet high safety standards.