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IOFI Secretariat


The IOFI Secretariat is comprised of an Executive Director, Scientific Director, Regulatory/Advocacy Director and support staff. The primary responsibilities of the IOFI Secretariat are:


  • An information resource for IOFI members with centralized data and consultation available on flavor assessments and regulatory information.
  • Support of global harmonization of flavor regulation through participation in international meetings, hearings and conferences with global risk assessment and risk management authorities and other key constituents.
  • Extensive education and communication about IOFI's mission, objectives and resources to support flavor safety with current and prospective members.
  • Support of IOFI members in their advocacy efforts with legislative and regulatory bodies.
  • Collection of confidential information on a worldwide basis on the identity and use levels of flavoring substances.
  • Ongoing communication with member associations about scientific, regulatory or legal developments with global impact in the flavor industry through Information Letters, Documentation Bulletins, the bi-annual newsletter IOFI Insight, this website and other avenues.
  • Keeping the Code of Practice, the IOFI Database, the Global Reference List and other documents up-to-date.
  • Maintaining good relationships with associations related to the flavor industry.


Key Directors:

Executive Director: Sven Ballschmiede Tel: +32 2 214 20 50

Regulatory and Advocacy Director: Dr. Thierry Cachet Tel: +32 2 214 20 50

Scientific Director: Dr. Sean V. Taylor Tel: +32 2 214 20 50


   IOFI Office - Operations

   Avenue des Arts, 6

   1210 Brussels


   Tel: +32 2 214 20 50


   IOFI Office - Headquarters

   Rue du Marché, 9

   1204 Geneva


   Tel: +41 22 310 44 21


   IOFI Office - Science

   1101 17th Street NW

   Suite 700, Washington,

   DC 20036


   Tel: +1 202 293-5800


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