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IOFI Organization


Founded in 1969 in Switzerland, IOFI has twelve national and one regional organization that represent twenty-four national flavor associations in the General Assembly. In addition, ten companies have joined as direct members. These companies meet membership requirements established by the IOFI Board in April 2012 and are active around the globe directly and through local associations.


The head office is located in Geneva, Switzerland. The operational staff is based in Brussels, Belgium. Along with a large group of committees and working groups comprised primarily of volunteer industry experts, they implement IOFI's strategic plan in science, advocacy and communications.



   IOFI Office - Operations

   Avenue des Arts, 6

   1210 Brussels


   Tel: +32 2 214 20 50


   IOFI Office - Headquarters

   Rue du Marché, 9

   1204 Geneva


   Tel: +41 22 310 44 21


   IOFI Office - Science

   1101 17th Street NW

   Suite 700, Washington,

   DC 20036


   Tel: +1 202 293-5800


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