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IOFI Mission and Strategic Objectives




The International Organization of the Flavor Industry represents the interest of the global flavor industry and its partners by providing leadership in safety, scientific and regulatory matters.


Key Objectives of IOFI are:


  • Science: Lead a consistent global approach for the safety assessment of flavoring ingredients based on sound science.


  • Advocacy: Support and promote legislation and regulation that will enhance the ability to provide safe flavors worldwide.


  • Communication: Provide an effective program of communication, education and training about scientific and regulatory matters with/to/from key stakeholders: IOFI members, government agencies, international organizations, the scientific community, the industry and its customers.


  • Intellectual Property: Promote and support the protection of intellectual property created by and entrusted to the industry.


  • Organizational Sustainability and Growth: Increase IOFI's global representation and, in partnership with member associations, prepare the association for future challenges with adequate resources and reserves.




   IOFI Office - Operations

   Avenue des Arts, 6

   1210 Brussels


   Tel: +32 2 214 20 50


   IOFI Office - Headquarters

   Rue du Marché, 9

   1204 Geneva


   Tel: +41 22 310 44 21


   IOFI Office - Science

   1101 17th Street NW

   Suite 700, Washington,

   DC 20036


   Tel: +1 202 293-5800


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