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IOFI is an international non-profit association of national and regional flavor associations and individual companies. Governed by a Management Board selected from geographically dispersed industry representatives from both association and company members, IOFI represents the interests of the  international flavor industry and maintains a robust science program that supports ingredient safety.


Founded in 1969 in Switzerland, IOFI has twelve national and one regional organization that represent twenty-four national flavor associations in the General Assembly. In addition, ten companies have joined as direct members. These companies meet membership requirements established by the IOFI Board in April 2012 and are active around the globe directly and through local associations.


The head office is located in Geneva, Switzerland. The operational staff is based in Brussels, Belgium. Along with a large group of committees and working groups comprised primarily of volunteer industry experts, they implement IOFI's strategic plan in science, advocacy and communications.


Mission & Strategic Objectives


Global leadership in the world of flavorings.

The International Organization of the Flavor Industry advances the global trade of safe, responsibly produced flavorings that respect the environment and enrich the lives of consumers.

• Use and promote highly reliable, state-of-the-art science to assure the safe use of flavoring materials.
• Maintain and strengthen thought leadership regarding the safety of flavorings, thereby advocating for the consistency of approaches used globally for the safety assessment of flavoring ingredients.

• Facilitate a harmonized approach to flavoring regulations that supports a global industry.

• Build understanding and trust in flavorings and the industry through collaboration with member associations and other stakeholders.
• Be a reliable and transparent resource on all aspects of flavorings while respecting the integrity and ownership of intellectual property.


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IOFI Member Companies


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IOFI Member Associations


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andi        anfpa         CAFEPA



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Committees & Working Groups


IOFI has a number of committees and working groups staffed primarily by industry volunteers from companies that also belong to IOFI member associations. Selected for their areas of expertise, volunteers on IOFI committees and working groups participate in meetings and conference calls, fulfill challenging assignments and demonstrate passion and commitments to their work for IOFI.


The IOFI Science Board (ISB) is a group of skilled scientists with varied backgrounds and specialities who work closely with the IOFI science staff.

  • The ISB reflects the IOFI Member Network, and members come from companies of various sizes and types, including flavor-focused businesses and consumer goods companies.
  • As the management group for the overall IOFI scientific program, the ISB identifies major scientific initiatives, prioritizes the workload and manages the implementation of studies through the IOFI scientific staff. 


The IOFI Regulatory Advisory and Advocacy Committee (RAAC), is comprised of experts in regulatory affairs from members.

  • With a primary role of two-way communication between member associations and companies and IOFI, the RAAC serves as a clearinghouse for information on emerging regulatory trends, and an avenue for the industry to coordinate its efforts to speak with one voice to legislators and regulators on the topic of flavor safety.


The IOFI Communication Board (ICB) is comprised of global flavor industry communications professionals charged with managing IOFI external communication. 


The IOFI Working Group on Methods of Analysis (WGMA) is staffed by high-level analytical chemists who work with IOFI staff to formulate and implement general guidelines for analytical techniques for the flavor industry. 


The IOFI Global Poundage Survey Committee (GPSC) has a key role in identifying levels of usage of flavor ingredients. 


The IOFI-IFRA Occupational Safety, Health and Environmental (SHE) Committee is a joint committee staffed by volunteers from IOFI and the International Fragrance Association (IFRA), responsible for matters related to the production, handling and overall strategy for continuous improvement through flavor and fragrance industry safety, health and environment programs and initiatives.


The IOFI-IFRA Globally Harmonized System (GHS) Task Force, also a joint committee with IFRA, provides guidance on and communication of the classification and labeling of flavor and fragrance ingredients in accordance with the United Nations Globally Harmonized System.


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